Quatrain 13

می خور که فلک بهر هلاک من و تو 

قصدی دارد به جان پاک من و تو

در سبزه نشین و می روشن می‌خور

کاین سبزه بسی دمد ز خاک من و تو

Dashti, "62a" in Elwell-Sutton's In Search of Omar Khayyam, p. 197


mey khor ke falak bahr-e halaak-e man o to

qasdi daarad be jaan-e paak-e man o to

dar sabze neshin o mey-e rowshan mikhor

kin sabze basi damad ze khaak-e man o to

 Elwell-Sutton's translation:

Drink wine,  for heaven will destroy us both;

It plots against my blameless life and yours.

Sit on the grass and drink the ruby wine,

For soon this grass will flourish on your dust.


Translation & Discussion of the quatrain: Cf. Quatrain 6 on this site.  Because of the similarities in the last two lines of this quatrain and those of Dashti 62, Elwell-Sutton numbered the quatrain "62a".  This 62a did appear as number 14 in Dashti's key quatrains.  This is puzzling, however, since I cannot find any further reference, not even a footnote, to this quatrain in Dashti's دمی با خیام.  Hedaayat includes it (64) with no textual variations, and Forughi has it as well (152) with no variations. Ahmad Saidi does not include the quatrain. 1. Drink wine, since heaven for the destruction of me and you 2. Has designs on the pure souls of me and you - the verb qasdi daarad conveys wishing or intending or planning and here takes two prepositional phrases: bahr-e halaak in the first line and be jaan-e ... in the second. 3. Sit on the green and drink bright wine 4. Since the grass for a long time will "breathe out"/sprout from the dust of me and you.