Quatrain 11

بر چشم تو عالم ارچه می‌آرایند
مگرای بدان که عاقلان نگرایند
بسیار چو تو روند و بسیار آیند
بِربای نصیب خویش کت بِربایند

Dashti, quatrain 66, p. 255

bar cheshm-e to aalam arche miaaraayand
magraay bedaan ke aaqelaan nagraayand
besyaar cho to ravand o besyaar aayand
berbaay nasib-e khish ket berbaayand

Though they bedeck the world to catch your eyes,
Be tempted not as never are the wise;
So many like you come, so many go

You'd better get your share before life flies.

Saidi, quatrain 111

'Though they show the world to turn your head
don't go there where the wise never tread.
They come like you and like you they go,
get your share now; they'll get you in time.

Translation & Discussion of the quatrain:
I wanted, probably for the first time, to translate "aaba" as the quatrain is written.  So I ended with "take your share; they'll cart you off dead".  I winced everytime I read that line so I decided to abandon the rhyme scheme for not so jarring an ending.
1. Although they display the world for your eyes -- or, although the world is displayed for your eyes, "to catch your eyes" as Saidi writes. 2. Do not be intent on that which the wise are not intent on -- as subsequent quatrains will reveal, the wise shun the intense acquisition of knowledge. They are not intent on gaining wealth and keeping busy. 3. Many like you (will) go, and many (will) come. 4. Grab your own share because they will be grabbing you -- a few khayyaamic things to hold to and to seek: confidence in the knowledge one innately possesses, wine, love, simple living.